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The Fanfiction of Spawn

Beth's Fanfiction Archive

Tera Daisy Spawn / Beth McMillan
21 November
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  • spawnsfix@livejournal.com

This is where a lot of my fanfiction is deposited, although a lot of it is in a box underneath my dressing-table.

I ship Remus and Sirius pretty much in my sleep, but I've started looking into some more obscure pairings, like JD/Dr. Cox (Scrubs), Jeeves/Wooster (PG. Wodehouse) and Holmes/Watson (Sherlock Holmes), as well as some more mainstream ships (Ryan/Seth - The OC). Femmeslash is funsville as well, although I've never really gotten into it for some reason.

Het is mixing genres, which I disapprove of heartily.

Snape was wronged. Remus is bi. Detectives are love.